Thursday, July 13, 2017

Income/Expenses: June 2017

This post is a little late, and I have to keep it short unfortunately.  But I wanted to post it before I fell too far behind and missed it!

I'll cut right to the chase:

General Thoughts on INCOME:
1) Income was thankfully very high this month due to somewhat of a 'bonus' at work.

General Thoughts on EXPENSES:
1) Expenses were also high thanks to 'travel', which was mostly just two flights from NY to Seattle, hotel/car, etc. to go on our family cruise to Alaska that I mentioned in an earlier article.  It was a blast, but definitely pricey. 

2) And I know shopping appears very high, as well.  Some of you may be thinking - "this guy spends money like crazy. What are you thinking!" But literally it was only 3 purchases, and none of them were "fun": 1) new military uniforms for work ($775, and was a mandatory purchase),  2) a race registration for the Army 10miler ($70 I think), and 3) printer ink. lol. See? Nothing really fun or exciting, but $876 spent nonetheless! Ouch. The uniforms were the significant bulk of the costs, and all were required for my job.

Well, unfortunately I have to go. I'm happy with our overall savings rate this month of about 40%, and I've updated my Savings tab, above.  We knew the uniforms and cruise were going to be expensive, so we tried to not spend really anywhere else.  Of course, all of the surplus went towards debt repayment.  Yep, still doing that. Ugh!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Congrats on the dividend income. $700 is very impressive.

    1. Thanks IH! It was all reinvested, so all I saw was the results on paper, lol!

  2. I don't know much about to the military but I didn't realized they make you pay for the dress uniforms. Maybe someday the gov will realized free clothes are a price well paid for ones life.
    Congrats on the dividends. Way more than me.

    1. lol, thanks DFG. They do a lot to acknowledge our service, and the American people are also great, so I don't mind. Keep in touch!

  3. Hey Dan,

    Thank you for your service. I thought the military gives you a uniform allowance? Anyway, even with your expenses, you're still able to save 40%, so that's pretty impressive.

  4. thank you for your service. we don't do enough for you