Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Goals for 2018: Big Things Ahead!

In this post, I'd like to share a draft  plan of what I think my 2018 Financial Goals will be.  It's only November of 2017 still, so I've got a few weeks left to adjust any of these goals if necessary, but as it stands right now I think these will be what I strive for in 2018, from a financial perspective.

My primary purpose with these goals is simple: to give me a benchmark of success, to know where I should be heading when things are unclear, and to evaluate how well I am doing over the long 365 days we have in 2018.

For this year I decided on 10 financial goals (in 2017 I had 10 as well), but this year I am adding what I will call a "stretch goal" as well - a goal that is far out of reach, one that I may strive for (or may not), so if it does end up actually happening, awesome. But if it does not, no big deal. Spoiler - this year's stretch goal is real estate related.

I tend to put a lot of thought into picking these goals and narrowing them down to only my top 10. But on the other hand, I also tend to think that one's financial success is more about the discipline of sticking to a plan over time than it is about coming up with the right, very complicated, or detailed, plan.  In my opinion, financial success is rather straightforward: save more than you earn, diversify, and invest wisely over many, many years. That is pretty simple. But it is definitely not easy. It is actually very hard sticking to your plan, day in and day out, when others are doing many other more exciting things, or taking exciting vacations, while you are diligently sacrificing and not derailing your plan with poor investment choices or reckless spending.

Let's take a look now at my goals for 2018. I'll be turning 32 years old this year, and will be entering the 3rd year of Passive Income Dude. With all of that said as an introduction, I'm anticipating BIG THINGS AHEAD!  Here we go:

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Passive Income Report: October 2017

Sorry for the delay! - It is time again for my Monthly Progress Review, and again I am happy to report a very large YoY growth of 108% from last October. Despite the large number, it was a rather boring month, of zero action or excitement or purchases or anything new...just letting the system work. Still, I'm happy to receive the amount my portfolio generated!

In each progress review I will list a summary of all dividends I received, the rental income I received, and any purchases I made from that particular month.

This monthly report covers October 2017.  I hope you enjoy these posts and that we can learn how to grow our passive income streams and build real long-term wealth together!

General Thoughts on This Month: A rather boring month as I said of simply letting the system execute what it's been set up to do.  This month was carried almost exclusively by the real estate portion of my portfolio, which I am fine with because that is where my focus has been the last few years. It may be time to start focusing back on the equities side soon.  The market just seems pricey and the bull-market is now the second oldest in history.  When will we see a 20% drop?

All of that said, Read More to see how I earned $980.25 this month in passive income,