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Hi all,

I'm very excited to share this page with you titled, "YouTube Intelligence."

Intelligence: The ability to acquire knowledge and skills.
YouTube: Let's be honest, we all know what YouTube is.

Ok, ok, bad joke. Sorry! I'm sure we all know what intelligence is too.

But, here's why I've added my YouTube Intelligence page: One of the incredible things about living in today's society is our readily available access to information.  Those of us in the blogging community recognize this fact perhaps, but I would venture to say that many people around the world still take for granted the awesome power that today we can literally learn almost anything via the internet.  

I believe the challenge now, however, comes in finding the critical, useful information amidst all of the time wasting, distracting, and dare I say pointless, material that is also readily available.

As such, I decided to create a consolidated location of YouTube videos that I think are very valuable to your life.  I love using YouTube for learning and growing intelligence, so the videos I chose will be centered around specifically what we care about: investing, dividends, success, motivation, real estate, goals, FI, etc. 

One thing I will guarantee you is that each video that makes the page will be worth your time. Here is the list:

1) Dave Ramsey's "Drive Free Retire Rich"

A great perspective-shift on how to let your investments buy your cars for you, and to avoid ever having a car payment again.

My thoughts on this video: Article Found Here
Video length: 5 minutes 30 seconds
Video Link: Found Here

2) Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret"

An incredible 31 minutes of audio on success and thinking differently.  Well worth your time to think and act like the wealthy and super successful do.

My thoughts on this video: Article Found Here
Video length: 30 minutes
Video Link: Found Here

3) "Rise and Shine" Motivation

The absolute best short motivational video on YouTube. "For what is each day but a choice between the easy way, and the right way?!"

My thoughts on this video: Article Found Here
Video length: 3 minutes
Video Link: Found Here

Passive Income Dude


  1. PID,

    Cool video - 12% return on the market for next 6 years seems high but I like the message. I am not one for buying an expensive car. Why tie up that money in a sports car or car payments when I'm still trying to build up my wealth. I drive a lot of miles on my car so I cannot imagine leasing. Buying is the way to go for me, but not until my current car breaks apart (knock on wood). Currently riding on over 200k miles =/. Look forward to watching some future videos!


    1. TDM,

      That's incredible! - 200k miles! Man, I hope my cars last that long. And I completely agree about the return being highly overstated and focusing on building wealth versus buying expensive cars. Buying a Lamborghini someday is tempting for me personally though! Thanks for stopping by,