Monday, August 15, 2016

New Page: YouTube Intelligence

Hi all,

I'm very excited to announce that I'm adding a new page titled, "YouTube Intelligence."

Intelligence: The ability to acquire knowledge and skills.
YouTube: Let's be honest, we all know what YouTube is.

Ok, ok, bad joke. Sorry!

So, here's why I just added my YouTube Intelligence page: One of the incredible things about living in today's society is our readily available access to information.  Those of us in the blogging community recognize this fact perhaps, but I would venture to say that many people around the world still take for granted the awesome power that today we can literally learn almost anything via the internet.  And that's partly why I love the definition of intelligence found above.  We can ALL acquire knowledge and skills.

I believe the challenge now, however, comes in finding the critical, useful information amidst all of the time wasting, distracting, and dare I say pointless, material that is also readily available.

As such, I decided to create a consolidated location of YouTube videos that I think are very valuable to your life.  I love using YouTube for learning and growing intelligence, so the videos I chose will be centered around specifically what we care about: investing, dividends, success, motivation, real estate, goals, Financial Independence, etc. 

One thing I will guarantee you is that each video that makes the page will be worth your time. I'll continue to build out this page over the next month or so and into the future.

Check it out HERE.

Passive Income Dude


  1. Interesting idea! Thanks in advance for sharing great videos. Wil check them out once you have a nice compilation.