Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Passive Income Report: May 2017

It is time again for my Monthly Progress Review, and I almost missed it! My family and I (my mom, brother, sister, and my wife....without the kids!) were on an Alaskan cruise for the last week or so.  I highly recommend one if you ever have the opportunity! What a blast.

In each progress review I will list a summary of all dividends I received, the rental income I received, and any purchases I made from that particular month.

This monthly report covers May 2017.  

I hope you enjoy these posts and that we can learn how to grow our passive income streams and build real long-term wealth together! 

General Thoughts on This Month: May was a relatively quiet month for passive income and, again, I hardly have anything to say but that I am thankful for what we received and that some income is always better than no income! Just sticking to the process with months like these.

Anyway, Read More to see how I thankfully still earned $417 this month in passive income...

Dividends Received

Rental Income Received
I currently have two rental properties, my Missouri Rental and my Colorado Rental, but NEXT MONTH my North Carolina rental will be active. I'm excited to start reporting numbers for this property!  Listed below is the cash flow my active rental properties provided this month:

My Colorado property had an $89 repair expense for a leaking A/C unit. Agh! I cannot stand rental property expenses!  They come directly out of the cash flow bottom line.

Therefore, with dividends and rental income and expenses, Total Passive Income Received: $417.36

This month I continued progress towards achieving my 2017 financial goals #6 and #7, by contributing about $1,400 towards my ROTH IRA and my wife's ROTH IRA. Specifically, we made purchases totaling $1400 spread across all six of our mutual funds, listed below:

VWELX: Vanguard Wellington
VTIVX: Vanguard Target Retirement 2045
VGSTX: Vanguard Star
VFIAX: Vanguard 500 Index
VGSIX: Vanguard REIT Index
VEMAX: Vanguard Emerging Markets Index

Thoughts on This Month
This month was pretty uneventful, except for the possible 4th new rental property added to my portfolio, which I recently wrote about here.  This property has some exciting prospects, but it also has some bad news. We will see what happens with this property, as the inspection report uncovered some serious foundation issues that really scare me! Not sure how we'll proceed yet, but we could walk away from this deal.

In conclusion, last year's total in May was $634, resulting in a YoY growth rate of negative 34% (HA!).  I think this decline is because I've been recently reducing my individual stock positions while adding to my mutual funds. Rental property expenses never help growth either. We'll see but right now I am drastically off pace from my primary goal.  

With the addition of this month's income to my Progress Tab I now have earned $2,588.60 in total this year in passive income.  Wow, I am off pace for my Passive Income Goal But the journey is long and sometimes it takes patience! It's "all about moving forward..."

Thanks for reading, and I always appreciate any comments,

Passive Income Dude 


  1. Congrats on a fine month. It's great to see passive income coming in from the rentals.

    1. Thanks IH. Really a boring month, but perhaps that is good when it comes to investing! I just finished 'The Snowball' and think that sometimes it's good to simply be patient and trust the process.

  2. Great month and excellent passive income - congratulations. We did an Alaska cruise two years ago and loved it!

    1. That's awesome Ferdi. It was a great time - so many beautiful things to see and explore. Would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't done one yet.

  3. Uneventful month? Maybe. But this is one of the first times I can recall both of your rentals in the black even with an AC repair. That's something to celebrate. Nice job all around with the dividends and rental income and your continued buying in the month in your retirement accounts. Looks like May was very productive!

    1. Hey thanks Keith. I guess I meant uneventful in that I didn't even check my accounts or think about passive income. My purchases were on 'automatic' and thankfully the $417 just came to my accounts. I guess that is the beauty of passive income though, huh? :) Sorry if I came across incorrectly! $417 at this stage in the game is nothing to get super excited about, but is definitely not something to dismiss either. Take care!