Monday, December 19, 2016


I recently heard an incredible message that talks all about happiness, and I wanted to share it with you.

Happiness is such a interesting concept in today's society, isn't it? For some reason it seems like one's happiness is apparently THE ULTIMATE PURSUIT in life. We find that happiness is placed above morality, or truth, or intellectual growth, or peace, or sacrifice, or courage, or any other virtue or feeling there is out there.  Think about that.  Why? Why is it that happiness is above everything else, and what is going on?

This post also seems pertinent during the Holidays; where happiness is so intensely desired, but not often achieved.  How many holidays bring intense feelings (and expectations) of happiness, but are oftentimes left with something else and not happiness at all?

Anyway, here are some quotes from the message that resonated with me.  This small sampling does not do it justice, but I hope it encourages you to listen.  You won't be disappointed.

"When you're proud, your life becomes an endless cycle of comparison and competition."  

Can anyone relate to the power in this statement?   It is very relevant to me personally, and as a member in our blogging community, it is especially relevant where we routinely share each others' progress and successes for our readers to see on a monthly basis.  How dangerous it is to see each other's monthly dividend reports and net worth updates, etc.  when our thoughts and pursuits are not checked against a large amount of humility and a proper focus on what is actually important!

"We are all hungry. Our souls are hungry.  And the reason for that, King Solomon explained, is because God put eternity in our hearts.  Blaise Pascal and other philosophers have said this as well; God has created the human heart with a gigantic hole in it. And we spend all our lives trying to figure out what goes in that hole.  And so we try money. We try the approval of others. We try romantic love.  None of it works. Because that hole is in the shape of God himself and it's the size of eternity!".....The reason that these items don't make you happy is because they were never intended to make us happy in the first place!

And my absolute favorite:

"Most of us are in a culture where we THINK that our happiness is directly proportionate to our circumstances.  And if you want to be happy your circumstances have to change. In fact, our word "happiness" in English comes from the word 'happening' - you are happy when what you want to happen happens. When your happenings are happening correctly, then you are HAPPY. And when things are not happening correctly, you are UNHAPPY. But Jesus says your happiness, if you're ever going to find it, is not going to be contingent on your happiness or your happenings.  Your happiness is going to be contingent upon your relationship with God."

"It is when you hunger and thirst for righteousness that not only will you be filled, you will overflow with happiness!"

In closing, the message is definitely worth listening to.  Here is the link to it below:

Eight Ways to Be Happy According to Jesus

Thanks for reading, and be happy...!

Passive Income Dude


  1. Great reminders. This post reminds me of a book I'm currently reading called Ego Is the Enemy, by Ryan Holiday. It explains that often the pursuit of material wealth or approval from others is an obstacle that prevents us from finding happiness.

    1. Hey thanks Liquid! That sounds like a great book you're reading; i'll definitely check it out.

      It is such a fine balance between working hard to grow your wealth or FI, etc, but not making it your main focus or purpose. Thanks again!