Saturday, December 2, 2017

Income/Expenses: October 2017

I recently broke my finger pretty badly, and am now in a cast and am unable to type very well for the near future. Frustrating!

But things could be much worse and I apologize for getting this report accomplished so late. Unfortunately I will have to keep it short.  But I will follow with my November passive income total in several days.

General thoughts on this month: This was a good month for us.  Each month we stick to a relatively general, but very closely monitored plan and we continue to de-lever with everything left over.  November's and December's expenses are always extremely high, so thankfully this was a good month.  Until my finger heals and I can type again...

Thanks for reading!



  1. Sorry to hear about your finger. That has to be pretty rough. Maybe we can get you a voice-recognition plug-in for your blog so you can "type" by speaking haha On a different note, congrats on the great savings rate. 32% is amazing!


    1. That's a good idea :) Something like that has to exist. Get that finger better! Health first, right! Everything is secondary.

    2. Haha thanks guys. Yea typing for me right now is only focused on mandatory, work-related typing!

  2. Sorry to hear about your finger. You have a great savings rate 32% is very impressive.

  3. Sorry to hear about your finger. I hope you recover from it soon. Best of luck!

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