Monday, December 18, 2017

Passive Income Report: November 2017

My apologies again for the delay.  Finger is still in a cast....just got x-rays again today and will be wearing this thing for the next 3 weeks.  Looking forward to this injury being in the past!

But, I have been working hard on a new method to track and capture my progress, so I'll be releasing that for the start of 2018.  Getting pretty solid with databases and pivot tables!

Anyway, I didn't want to miss November's relatively decent passive income report, so without further adieu...

General Thoughts on This Month: With one month of 2017 left, it is literally going to be a photo finish for whether I hit my primary passive income goal or not.  This month had around ~$100 in real estate maintenance expenses, which come completely from my bottom line and reduce passive income by the expensed amount. Agh.

All of that said, below are the details from the $997.26 this month I received in passive income. DECEMBER is my multi-thousand passive income month, so I'm greatly looking forward to seeing where the year ends in a few weeks.

Dividends Received

*All dividends are always reinvested.

Rental Income Received
As mentioned last month, I now have four active rental properties, my Missouri Rental my Colorado Rental, and my two North Carolina rentals: North Carolina 1 and North Carolina 2.  Listed below is the cash flow that each of these properties provided this month:

In summary, with dividends and rental cash flow combined, Total Passive Income Received: $997.26

I've added a little more to my wife's ROTH IRA (~$1000), but it was in a few small chunks and I'm still paying down debt and de-levering currently.  Nothing exciting.  But that is also part of the beauty of the process!

Thoughts on This Month
This was a solid month for Passive Income.  Compared to last year's November's total in 2016 of $581, my YoY growth for this month was 71.6%.  This puts my annual YoY average through the first 11 months of this year at 61.8% per month. 

With the addition of this month's income to my Progress Tab I now have earned $9,189 in total this year in passive income.  One exciting note is that I now have surpassed my 2016 yearly total! ...With one month to spare!

Unfortunately this month actually represents a small 'loss' in the ground I need to make up in order to reach my passive income goal. I still think it is going to be a photo finish actually as to whether or not I achieve my primary Passive Income Goal.  But in summary I'm counting on a MASSIVE DECEMBER if I'm going to make it!

Thanks for reading, and I always appreciate any comments,

Passive Income Dude 


  1. Love your progress report! You're killing it with a 71% year over year growth! Can't wait to see how you do in December!

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